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Every story has a beginning

Hi! We are Vladislav and Maria!

Inspire25 was created from our desire to travel and see some of the most unusual places worldwide.


While we traveled, we thought of how amazing it would be to share our travel journey with family and friends.


We hope you like what you see here and get inspired to write your own journey 🙂

Vladislav and Maria at electric castle

The tattoos were only temporary but the memory forever. 🖤 

Who we are?


Our story begins seven years ago in high school when we were not yet fully aware that the world is so big, but we definitely had the spirit of exploration in us.

Slowly we got closer and became best friends to the point where things took a different turn, and we fell in love, and everything felt amazing …well, not really.

Long story short..studies have separated us for a few years, he left in Denmark to study graphic design and I remain in our hometown to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor.

But now we are back together, more eager than ever to explore and taste what is called Planet Earth. Every time we visit a new place and document it, we try to hit the most important and informative aspects.

We do not forget about the spicy stuff because we want you to have the coolest and exciting experience while reading an article.

Vladislav and Maria at electric castle

The tattoos were only temporary but the memory forever. 🖤 

In 2019 we had an "aha" moment

It wasn’t like Einstein Eureka, but pretty close, you know.

When it al started…

The one when we knew

One of our first trips, the one where we realized that we wanted to share our experiences, was in this beautiful treehouse.

In the summer of 2019, we thought of looking at the New Year’s destination.

We wanted something intimate and new just for the two of us. I remember finding a treehouse in Amsterdam.

I got excited, but it was way beyond our budget, and we had to give up the idea. But we didn’t give up completely.

We stayed with the idea of the treehouse, and we continued to look in Romania for something that would approach the image seen earlier.

Most of them were already booked, and again we had to give up the idea until one day. I remember working when I received a link from Vladislav that this house was available, and we booked it immediately, although I could not believe it.

And this is where our adventure began…

This is us, hehe 😂 

perfect for babies, just kidding 👶 

Everything from the road to the view, the wood surrounding the whole house, and the wonderful fireplace inside were magical.

Two days spent at high altitude, just the two of us were enough to open our appetite for unique destinations and romantic couple getaways. It was the first time we made a fire in the fireplace by ourselves.

We broke wood together in front of our house, talked about the future, about us, and we can’t go back after that experience.

We have to travel and share with you the quirkiest destinations possible in this world.

Through the research for this travel blog, we have expanded even more our horizons and discovered that the world is full of unique destinations worth visiting.

We encourage you to travel and invest capital in experiences because, in the end, it is only about feelings, and the photos will become new memories.

perfect for babies, just kidding 👶 

The story becomes about you when we write...

Get closer to the feeling of the unknown, the sunsets, even the pain and the flavors of each culture.

Vladislav and Maria at electric castle

The why.

Why we created ?

We want to inspire you to choose your new destination, and we also look at this website as a diary that we will browse in old age and be grateful for choosing to document everything.

In our minds we already imagine ourselves old in the house of our dreams, fulfilled and satisfied with the experiences we had throughout our lives.

Scrolling on inspire and endlessly relive the unforgettable stories and being grateful to us for this decision.

And to you, our loyal reader, we encourage you to build your own travel blog.

Document everything, take pictures, laugh, love, cry, and write absolutely everything that comes to mind.

And who knows, maybe we can write a guest post on your blog while we travel together.


Why inspire25?

We aspire to inspire you and because this journal was build at the wonderful age of 25.

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