If you never stayed on a boat this is something you have to try at least once in life. That’s why we created a list with top boats and yachts you can rent today for a unique experience.

1. Sleeping in a unique ship in the center of A’dam!

Location:Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Price per night:63$

Probably one of the coolest places to stay in Amsterdam! The location is brilliant, right next to one of the light artworks. It is special, comfortable, and cozy. You will have the most wonderful dreams when you sleep on this high standard pocket spring mattress with a memory foam topping.

2.Knysna Houseboat Myrtle

Location:Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

Price per night:57$

Houseboat Myrtle is a perfect place for a quiet and peaceful weekend. The decor and fit-out are quirky with lots of personal and interesting touches. This is a very different and exciting mode of accommodation and one that we highly recommend. Get your partner and try this magical place.

3.Sauna boat near Helsinki

Location:Kirkkonummi, Finland

Price per night:169$

The perfect romantic destination for young couples and seniours aswell, for those who want to enjoy the beautifull Finnish nature in a luxuriouse ferry near Helsinki. An unique place surrounded by nature and wildlife. If you love sauna and archipelago this boat is for you.

4.Le soa vadia, petit voilier cosy anglais 1968.

Location: Ouistreham, Normandie, France

Price per night:44$

Experience a great adventure in this cozy boat. It has everything to make yourself a comfortable night with your partner. There are a fully equipped kitchen and a great bed. Try this boat for a unique stay.

5. Saltwater cures what Ales you. Stay here alone

Location:Savannah, Georgia, United States

Price per night:104$

This Yacht is a hidden Savannah gem! The place is extremely clean and incredibly comfortable. This is something you should try. A wonderful place to unplug, unwind and experience some social-distancing maybe 🙂 Take advantage and get on a cruise around the waterfront.

6.Floßboot „Bett & Boot“ mit Kajüte in Mirow 2 P.

Location:Mirow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Price per night:92$

The word VINTAGE suits perfect this quirky boat.
It is just the perfect spot to let the soul wander and have some rest away from the bustle and hustle of the town.
Just you with your love one in this tiny place, it will feel just like a dream.
Allow yourself to seal away from the corporative life and book this unique place.

7.A Pirates Life For Me: Houseboat Downtown w/ Bikes

Location:Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Price per night:349$

The perfect getaway. This boat has so many little details that makes the space way cooler than you expect. The houseboat itself is charmingly decorated and incredibly comfortable. A great spot to enjoy your morning coffee or to just relax in the sun.

8.Hunter 26 Sailboat, 3 guests

Location:Miami, Florida, United States

Price per night:120$

If you are a couple looking to enjoy Miami from a different perspective. It can accomodate up to two people so it is perfect for a romantic getaway. The boat is anchored in Key Biscayne Bay which allowe you to view the Miami skyline from a distance. Yaly’s boat is a vacationer’s dream

9.Nice boat with terrace

Location:La Vila Olimpica del Poblenou, Barcelona, Catalunya

Price per night:102$

If you experience Barcelona for the first time this is a must stay!Great location and easy walk into Barcelona. It is definetly a unique experience to watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise in this boat. The MaeeII is a once in lifetime experience.

10.Bay Dreamer – Luxury family stay in San Blas

Location:San Blas Islands, Guna Yala Comarca, Panama

Price per night:275$

Are you ready to experience the most luxurious yacht? Lagoon 450 Catamaran comes with an experienced crew, private cabins, luxurious kitchen and bedrooms and if you wish a small private airplanes that will fly to Corazon de Jesus where they have a small landing strip. If you want to spend time with big sharks, rays, spearfishing, serious free-diving or just relaxing on a deserted island this is for you!!!

11.Narrowboat | Quiet location | River view

Location:Downingtown, England, United Kingdom

Price per night:79$

LarkRise III will offer you an absolute blast during your stay. If you want to stay as a way of experiencing narrow boat life this is for you. The boat itself is wonderful, very cozy and it has personal touches such as the scented oil buring on the stove and the handmade sun catchers in the windows.

12.Private Yacht on Catskill Creek

Location:Catskill, New York, United States

Price per night:132$

I can not recommend this place highly enough. If you’re thinking that a peaceful, relaxing night or two on a boat on the edge of the water is what you want, this one is amazing. The boat is comfortable, clean and tidy and has every amenity needed for a short stay. If you ever need to escape the city head to Melissa and AJ’s boat!

13.Historic ship captain’s cabin, Tower Bridge

Location:St. Katharine’s and Wapping, Greater London

Price per night:113$

Probably one of the best boats stays in London. Unbeatable location and unique comfortable incredible stay. This beautiful art of a ship is an experience not to be missed if available. The rocking waves of the river make for incredible sleep, very quiet and a peaceful zen stay compared to the noise of London.

14.48′ Yacht & Other Boats

Location:Key West, Florida, United States

Price per night:349$

This place is beyond your expectations. The boat itself is exceptional, very clean and well maintained with plenty of amenities. Go follow a pod of dolphins or just enjoy an incredible sunset view at Tim’s boat in Florida.

15.Teknede kabin kiralama

Location:Kuşadası, Aydın, Turkey

Price per night:39$

There’s no other place to look when you’re coming in Kusadasi! Best way to spend your time close to the city. This boat is very comfortable and clean. A quite place but also romantic for enjoying the sunset or just for chilling out!

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