Stay in a cave, a memory that will both remember forever. Wake up your inner cave man and live like Flinstone in the Stone Age. We made a list for you with the best caves that you can stay today and experience the ultimate adventure.

1.The Enchanted Cave

Location:Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia

Price per night:571$

Ready to stay in a cave ? The enchanted cave is ready to give you a totally unique and amazing experience. The cave’s construction is impressive and intricate. We promise one-day stay in the cave and it will become one of the most unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

2.Hakuna matata cave little petra

Location:Petra District, Ma’an Governorate, Jordan

Price per night:30$

Enjoy a magic night in the cozy cave in a wonderfull valley. Hakuna mattata cave is definetly a unique experience. Be prepared for no bathroom and running water. If you’re cool with camping, you are a perfect candidate. But hey at the end of the day you can tell your friends you slept in a 10.000 years old cave.

3.Anitya Cave House

Location:Ortahisar, Nevsehir, Turkey

Price per night:143$

Anitya House is in the heart of Cappadocia. Yes, it is a cavehouse but it has all the amenities to experience a true luxury cave house. Fully equipped kitchen with a scenic terrace for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Come and enjoy a romantic getaway at Anitya Cave House.

4.Luxurious stone villa in Crete

Location:Chania, Kriti, Greece

Price per night:143$

Ohh Greece, filled with history, like this luxurious stone cave. It’s magical and romantic. The cave house is beautiful with an excellent eye to design and if anything the description underplays it. The location is perfect for exploring the west side of Crete. Make life long memories with this unique stay.

5.Cool down in the Cave – Ancient dwelling

Location:Sedona, Arizona, United States

Price per night:199$

If you are looking for a wild experience in the middle of nature, THIS IS IT.
You are going to connect with the wildness and, for sure, get out of your comfort zone.
Give us feedback if you chose to book this place.
We are sooo excited for your answer.

6.Luxury Apartment VOLAT, Downtown

Location:Split, Split-Dalmatia, Croatia

Price per night:97$

Sleep like a baby in a luxury cave, a memory that will last forever. You will enjoy a uniquest stay in a place with a traditional Dalmation interior. The stone inside will keep you warm in winters and cold in hot summers. If you visit Croatia this is a must stay.

7.The Old Cave

Location:Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland

Price per night:56$

This is your comfy and small place for a short stay in one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.
Right near Locarno old-town, you will have an inexpensive cave retreat ideally for those who are looking for a unique and one of a kind experience.
The vintage aspect is a plus of elegancy to your experience.

8.Jens Langkniv’s hule i Daugbjerg Kalkgruber

Location:Viborg, Denmark

Price per night:81$

Over 600 years ago, people made it a home.
This is such an unusual place to stay in. You are going to have your bedroom in a cave.
If you are looking for a luxury place, then this is not for you.
Tip: Grab a rug from home, so you don’t freeze in the cave. Beautiful place with lots of history!

9.Fabulous cave house & terrace to Alhambra

Location:Sacromonte, Granada, Andalusia

Price per night:76$

This is your chance of staying in one of the most famous caves of Sacromonte.
Located precisely in the heart of the city, you will be just minutes away from the best flamenco shows and views of this place.
I really like the clean and elegant look of this place along with all the little details.
Great place for sure worth it to give it a try.

10.Lieux insolite aux halles

Location:Millau, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Price per night:39$

Adventurers and travelers looking for a quirky place to book, you’ve found it.
The studio is easy to find and very well located.
As you can see, the touches of attention are very notable and unique; this place surely recommends itself.
Realize your inner Flintstone and book this place.

Are you interested in an experience to remember for the rest of your life? Living in a cave is an extraordinary and magical experience, don´t miss it.

Write to us in comments about your favorite place and share your experience with us.