If sleeping in an Igloo is on your bucket list, you came to the right place, friend.

The first thing on everyone’s mind is that, is it cold? Well, you have to see it for yourself 🙂 The warm of your partner could really heat up the atmosphere.
You will be sitting in the middle of nature, having your own ‘room with a view’.
If you’re ready to land in the dead of winter, if you’re looking for an exclusive night, or if you simply want to enjoy a little amount of time in nature away from the big cities, try one of these places.
We have made a list of 11 igloos around the world, giving you the most essential details in order to choose the best location.

1.Snow igloo – Lucky Ranch Saloon

Location:Pelkosenniemi, Finland

Price per night:139$

This is the place where charged particles from the sun become trapped in the earth’s magnetic field, resulting in the most colorful light show on the planet.

You will have a real bed inside the igloo surrounded by white lights.

The igloo is decorated with Reindeer skins and a couple of warm sleeping bags.

If you are looking to explore beautiful Finland, this is the perfect place for you and your spouse.

2.IGLOOTEL Lapland – more than a normal hotel

Location:Piteå Ö, Norrbottens län, Sweden

Price per night:486$

This is more than a normal average hotel, this igloo is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Experience the arctic wonders in Sweden and the winter wonder surrounding. This is definitely one of the best romantic getaways you can possibly have. 

3.Tromso Ice Domes

Location:Tromsø, Troms, Norway

Price per night:1226$

The most amazing thing in this igloo is the art on the walls made entirely out of ice. It is a truly unique place to stay. You can explore all the different rooms and have a drink in the ice hotel. Prepare to experience a chilly night with a warm partner 🙂 

4.Igloo hotel. Ice hotel for wellness

Location:Адлерский район, Краснодарский край, Russia

Price per night:37$

If you travel to Russia, try this Igloo. It is one of the cheapest Igloo I have ever seen, plus it looks fantastic. The place is spacious and has three rooms in total.
Completely of snow and ice is distinguishes itself by individually designed art, with sculptural elements crafted of snow and ice.
It is the perfect getaway for couples if you are looking for a unique experience.

5.Igloo + Aurora Tour for 2 people

Location:Kiruna N, Norrbottens län, Sweden

Price per night:324$

If you chose to stay in this place, it would be a truly memorable experience like nothing you’ve been done before: nature, scenery, unmatched beauty, and tranquility.

If you are lucky enough, you will experience northern lights and see the beautiful and big sky coming alive.

6.Nuit en Igloo Family à La Plagne en Demi-Pension

Location:Mâcot-la-Plagne, France

Price per night:467$

As you can see, this is a family experience and a quirky, unusual place to stay.

Come here with your family, friends, or in a couple and spend a unique night in a cold and white environment.

Lots of fun and excitement is guaranteed!

7.MountainIgloo Südtirol 1

Location:Sand in Taufers, Italy

Price per night:376$

Let the grandeur of the mountains surround you.

Warm-up and count the falling stars while you’re taking a hot bath in the sauna.

Spend a little time along with your friends and partner and disconnect yourself from the city.

Try to imagine how it is like to live in Antarctica for a couple of nights and connect with nature.

8.Igloo at Skjærhaugen

Location:Målselv, Troms, Norway

Price per night:516$

Get ready to enjoy a place with a perfect contrast between nature and luxury.

Imagine being surrounded by nature and watching the snowfall while drinking your morning coffee…it can be only sublime. 

You will have everything from snowstorms, a sky full of stars to northern light and sounds of nature.

The igloo is also right next to a frozen river with a beautiful mountain panorama.

PS: The Igloos also provide curtains 360 degrees around to warm you nice and slow if you feel the need.

9.Panorama-Bubble-Suite with Mountainview

Location:Glarus Süd, Glarus, Switzerland

Price per night:139$

Bubble-Suite is the perfect place for couples getaway. Located at 1559 meters above sea level, you will have just the Alps by your side and your loved one.

Situated on a terrace with fantastic views, it is also accessible to public transportation but still isolated enough.

The panorama is simply amazing, and if you look close enough at night, you can see the milky way.

Book this beautiful place and let the sun and moon tell you the clock while enjoying the alpine world.


Location:Verdal, Trøndelag, Norway

Price per night:196$

This is the perfect place in the woods and near the water.

You’ll be treated to spectacular sunrises, blue skies, clean air, extraordinary sunsets, glorious moon rises, and star-filled nights.

You will love the outdoor seating and grill. And OMG the views? They worth every penny.

You can also go hiking around the area and visit the Viking graves if you like.

Trones-Eye is a once in a lifetime experience! Except if you book it again, of course, which you definitely will after you stay here one night.

11. Terpeno Burbuja

Location:Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

Price per night:101$

This place is so tastefully made that you might end up extending your stay by the day you check-in.

Natures sounds throughout the day and then evening, favorite sounds!

If you are looking for a cozy and peaceful place to unwind from the daily grind, this is THE ultimate relaxation station.

If you ever felt like visiting Narnia, consider booking a stay at one of these eleven igloo hotels around the world and share your experience with us.