Being on a corporate 9 to 5 daily can be soul-numbing. This is especially true if you
already have the spirit of an adventurer.

Lots of people get sick of the rat race and start searching for alternatives. You do not want to travel just once or twice per year. You want to be doing it on a regular basis.

We get it! Instead of working the job you already have, you should start
acquiring some great skills in order to move up the ranks and join the best traveling gigs.

Considering that you could probably do a lot in this pandemic, if not all, of your work from
home, this could also mean that you can get a remote job. Granted, the job itself does not require
you to travel, but it can allow you to do so.

So considering all of the above, we have prepared a list of great opportunities for you to seek in the near future!

Flight Attendant

Might sound like a no-brainer, but why not? You will literally travel for a living. If you manage
to up your way into the ranks, you will fly all over the world’s most beloved locations. Paris,
Tokyo, New York, Madrid, and many more, could all be in your reach.

The job requirements differ from one company to another, but most of them require you to be able to reach the overhead baggage and stay on your feet for prolonged periods of time.

One thing that will surely boost your chances is speaking another language. It would help if you spoke at least one more besides your native one. It is obligatory. So, we are talking about an
additional one. Even if you do not get to the native level, some basic dialogue might put you on

Last but not least, you will have to know CPR. This skill is highly valued by all airlines. Some
of them consider it mandatory.

Remember that as a flight attendant, you will work at random hours and might encounter
annoying passengers.
You might even lose some sleep and get some jet lag because of the different time zones, but in the end, you will reach your goal of traveling.Family members will adore you for the huge discounts they will get on plane tickets.

Cruise Ship Worker

This tends to be the most well-reputed jobs in the traveling industry. You can be paid to go to places and interact with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Yes, you also have to do some hard work, depending on what you are assigned on board. It might also require you to work long hours.
The job is really safe, though. Lots of people are afraid of flying, but sailing seems to be a calming

When cruising, you will visit lots of important landmarks in one go. You usually hop a few days
here and there so you will even get the chance to experience the places for yourself. If you
manage to make some friends on board, that is even better.

International Aid Worker

Now, this class is not for the faint-hearted. It is a lot of hard work to offer your time to those in
need. Granted, it is also extremely rewarding.

You will literally impact people’s lives for the better. You will travel across the globe to places that are in dire need of help. You might not get rich, but the experience itself will truly propel you to a whole nother level.

Most of the organizations do offer a full salary. They could not expect a regular person to offer himself for help without having the money to support itself in the first place.
If you will choose this path, it is good to know that having a background in health, social services, and international relations will be very helpful.

Before embarking on your journey, you will be asked to do a complete medical evaluation. It is only natural. They wouldn’t want you to go help others before helping yourself if needed.

Last but not least, the fact that you have taken part in such an experience will shine bright on
your CV. We know that is not the reason you are doing it, but thinking about the future is also

English Teacher Abroad

If your skills are native and above, you might qualify for the teaching profession. You do need
some pedagogic skills before applying, but those are gainable as well. The main requirements
usually are a Bachelor’s Degree in English and, if possible, some teaching experience.

You can choose to depart to any given country, but keep in mind that the competition will probably be fierce.
Lots of people love teaching. Even more love traveling. Combining those results in a
super desirable workplace.

A good thing to take into account is that not all schools are of the same quality. Getting into a
a good one will definitely affect your experience.

Tour Guide

It might be tough to get a job as a tour guide abroad. You need to prove that you are truly
passionate and know more about the place than any other local contender.

Lots of agencies need travel guides in order to successfully make profit because people want them. Most guides work as freelancers, so you will not be held down by anything in case you want to move forward to the next location.

It would be preferable to stay put for a decent time in order to prove that you are a reliable person. People working in tourism might talk to each other, so you do not want to gather a bad reputation.

With all of the options available, you know you should feel more comfortable in making the next step towards your dream job.

Remember, though, in order to get to the easy part, you will face some tough times.
Keep on grinding until you can truly travel for a living!