Known as the world’s largest concentration of midcentury modern architecture, Palm Springs definitely has the old school Hollywood vibe that is quintessential.

By night, you can count on the amazing mountains and twinkling stars. Palm Spring’s nights are perfect for wine, romanticism, and dance with a diversity of options for every mood.

The grounds are just breathtaking, and the aesthetic floats in the air in any of these 10 locations. It’ll be hard to leave any of these places.

1.Arthur Elrod’s Escape 

Location:50 W. Via Lola, Palm Springs, 92262, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:2542$

Arthur Elrod’s Escape is located in the Downtown Palm Springs, only 3.1 km from Palm Springs Visitor Center.

I firmly believe that this place is perfect for a romantic getaway.
It has all the necessary ingredients present for a successful getaway. From the super large pool where you can relax at the end of the day with your lover to the room’s architecture, everything fits perfectly.

I love the canopy above the bed. I think it gives a very romantic air and is lovely in the mornings when only the sun manages to wake you with its warmth.

2.Villa Jimenal – Luxury villa 

Location:233 West Crestview Drive, Palm Springs, 92264, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:7823

Villa Jimenal is a luxury one for sure, as you can see from the pictures.6,6 km to the Palm Springs International Airport and 8 km to Palm Springs Visitor Center, this place is terrific.

I love the big pool and nature around and the simplicity of the room I really appreciate it.
The windows from top to bottom through which you can fall asleep sipping the sunset and wake up smelling the sunrise are brilliant—definitely a plus for this location.

I can already imagine being awakened by the sun’s lights in the morning, having coffee by the pool and enjoying the surroundings all day long with my love.

3.Catalina Ankor

Location:399 W. Santa Catalina Road, Palm Springs, 92262, USA

Price per minimum 3 night:2870$

When you click the link above, you will see the wildness of this place; the statues are indeed rare pieces and the surroundings.

The holiday home is in a space where visitors can join activities such as skiing and cycling.
Or you can also go to the spa, a hot tub or a sauna.

The architecture of the house is not something you see daily, and it catches your attention.
It looks a little detached from a movie, and I think it is worth trying.

I loved the picture from the bathroom, GOSH how inventive are the people :))

4.Stunning Palm Springs Escape with Epic Outdoor Oasis 

Location:Palm Springs, 92262, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:1809

I love the colors of this place, the energy, and the bluuues.

The fire pit from inside it gives a really nice touch of romantism and the pool outside a huge touch of luxury.

The palm trees in the background give the place an exotic air, and the fireplace by the pool is perfect for a glass of wine in the evening.

Give it a try and tell us how it went 🙂

5.Iconic Mid-century Modern Vacation Home with Pool

Location:2616 North Kitty Hawk Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:1999$

The place is kept beautiful and all the little extras are going to make your stay perfect.
The aesthetic, comfort, and convenience of this place are not something to miss out on.
A Calm Oasis in the middle of California!

6.Desert Riviera Hotel

Location:610 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:from 713$

This place has such a beautiful pool and, with lots of hummingbirds in the garden, and mockingbirds singing around the trees. Such cliché!

Pool floats are supplied, plus bicycles, barbeque, access to the kitchen, lots of snacks, and water. You will have everything that you desire along with a very good mood.

Desert Riviera Hotel fulfills all the romance you could wish for, with the lights, garden, and firepit. I love the idea of having dinner in the garden under the trees only with candles and fire as light.

I can’t wait for your opinions, guys!

7.Korakia Pensione

Location:257 South Patencio, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:from 756$

This one is definitely my favorite one since far. Situated at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, Moroccan-inspired with a vintage touch it looks like paradise and has stunning views.
A little touch that you are going to love is the record player and records in the room…playing the vintage records is going to create a very cool vibe! I think is perfect for a romantic getaway in Palm Springs.

8.Sparrows Lodge

Location:1330 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:from 754$

The perfect description for Sparrows Lodge: unique, stunning, exclusive, and original: each room is an artistic masterpiece, with grounds that allow you to roam and rest.

I actually read somewhere that this place is the reason to go to Palm Springs, and I can highly agree after I sow those views.

9. L’Horizon Resort & Spa

Location:1050 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:from 1086$

The energy and vibe of this space are amazing.
Beautifully decorated, spacious, and luxurious, the rooms are designed for privacy and a good time.
The massage is located outdoors and it gives you such a good feeling of relaxation and liberation, the whole place is just wonderful and has so much space to offer and greenery.
A space of calm with a beautiful pool and gardens.

10.Goldeneye Estate 

Location:Palm Springs, 92264, USA

Price per minimum 3 nights:5425$

This is definitely the most luxurious place on this list as you can see from the pictures.
It’s for those you want an extravagant Palm Springs romantic getaway with a touch of freedom and stunning views.
An insanely accomplished establishment with great staff, relaxed and mature atmosphere as well as supremely beautiful accommodations.

This was our list of 10 beautiful places for your Palm Springs romantic getaway. Choose your favorite one and book it.

We look forward to your comments!