This article definitely speaks your language. From snorkeling to scuba diving, marine life, reefs and swimming pigs of the Exuma Bahamas is indeed a paradise on earth.

You can surely think of pirates and cocktail when you hear about this place, and you damn right!
In the past, pirates used the Bahamas as their main port because of the shallow waters and small islands that were the perfect place for hiding.
After they manage to find a place, they would cool down with some rum or a switcha and have some rest.
What is switcha? It is the national drink o the Bahamas, made from limes, water, and sugar.
And why rum?Because most of the rum is produced here.
Then maybe they’ll take a ride through the beautiful Alice Town in North Bimini, get a bit lost in the breathtaking views of Nassau and come back to Harbour Island to have a final feast before the expedition.

You can have and visit all those places and live like a legit pirate if you want or just go out from your comfort zone from some scuba.
Take the love of your life along with you and trade the big city for those small islands.
You won’t be disappointed for sure.
Let’s gooo !!! Book one of these beautiful places and get a feel for the real island life!

1.Pink Sands Resort

Location:Chapel Street, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Price per night:from 715$

What an amazing property. Everything promised and more.

This place is perched on a beautiful deck with a fantastic view of the pink sands beach.

You will have the time of your life here, and you will get the vacation that you deserve.

2.Saunders Beach Cottage

Location:272 West Buy Street, Nassau, Bahamas 

Price minimim stay of 3 nights:from 668$

Saunders Beach is located in Nassau,7.1 km from Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park.

You are going to be surrounded by natural beauty and beautiful pictures.

The views are just breathtaking, and the sound and smell of the ocean are so soothing.

3.2B Cottage at Saunders Beach

Location:273 West Bay St., Nassau, Bahamas 

Price minimim stay of 3 nights:from 463$

You are totally surrounded by natural beauty and hearing the waves when waking up is so relaxing.

The views are just breathtaking and the sound and smell of the ocean are so soothing.

4.Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas

Location:Harbour Drive , Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Price per night:from 326$

This place is just stunning!

The interior is homey and warm, and it’s furnished so tastefully. 

There is everything you need for chilling out, beach pool, and games—loads of entertainment and shuttle to the cabbage beach and the Atlantis. 

The people say that is the perfect place for a honeymoon, purpose to your girlfriend, and the perfect romantic getaway.

5.Resort The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort

Location:One Ocean Drive, Paradise Island, 0000 Nassau, Bahamas

Price per night:from 998$

If you are in search of a place where you can relax, this home is perfect for your next vacation.

The home is spotless and well furnished. You will have all the privacy you want.

You will have an outdoor pool and a fitness center for all the gym beasts out there and a Bahamian flavor that is perfect for your romantic getaway Bahamas.

6.French Leave Resort, Autograph Collection

Location:Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour,, Governorʼs Harbour, Bahamas

Price per night:from 582$

If you’re looking for something not like a resort and more like having your own home while you visit, this is the place to stay. 

It is going to be an adventure every day. And yes, you will find beaches with no footprint but your own.

7. St Francis Resort

Location:Stocking Island, Georgetown, Bahamas

Price minimim stay of 2 nights:from 766$

St.Francis Resort is an absolute dream… the kind of place you’d only imagine in a movie or fantasy – not super fancy or over-the-top, but so tasteful, with stunning location and view, and the house very comfortable, containing almost everything you need.

8.Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Location:Alice Town, North Bimini, N/a Alice Town, Bahamas

Price per night:from 372$

If you want breathtaking views, on a fairytale cliff, with a private beach with big waves, this is the villa for you! 

This place is located on the eastern shore in Alice Town and is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

9.Bimini Condominium

Location:00000 Bailey Town, Bahamas

Price per night:510$

What and a little slice of heaven! You have here the perfect spot to get away from everything.

The house is perfectly comfortable for a couple getaway. You can’t beat the beautiful view from the top deck. Don’t miss an opportunity to stay here. You will love it!!

10.Peace and Plenty Resort

Location:P.O BOX EX 29055 George Town, Georgetown, Bahamas

Price per night:from 276$

Peace and Plenty Resort is paradise on earth! It is a breathtaking view with a fantastic deck that makes you spend amazing days to relax, read, or just see the ocean.

Beach is a few steps from the house in a green and pleasant and private trail that bring you to a beautiful beach where you can dive, swim or do surfing if you want. The house is perfectly designed and is plenty of spaces to rest and spend your time. 

This was our list of 10 unique places to stay in the Bahamas, hope you enjoy it and book some of these places.

Please write to us in the comments which one was your favorite.

We can wait to hear from you. Have a good one!