Most of us dreamed about having a tree house as children.

We see so many cartoons having those beautiful treehouses, and we dream that maybe someday we are going to be in one.

The years pass by, and we forget about those childish dreams.

And one day, surfing the internet we see a picture with a beautiful spot in the middle of the mountains.

A spectacular tree house surrounded by nature with incredible views.

Instantly the childhood dream hit us, and we start to search madly for more pictures like that.

You came to the right place. We actually experienced ourself ”how it is to live in a tree” for three days and that’s why we made this list of the best treehouses that you can rent today.For every place we included the location and price per night.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

1.House Of Sacred Geometry

Location:Montezuma Puntarenas Costa Rica

Price per night:59$

PURA VIDA, pure life in these pictures.
This place has a unique design, as you can see.
It will definitely give you the feeling of being at the top of the world.
This experience will be one you’ll remember for a long time.
Before you wonder if it’s worth checking in here or not?
REMEMBER! Costa Rica is not a place. It’s a feeling.

2.South Africa treehouse

Location:Port Elizabeth South Africa

Price per night:63$

If you are going the be in Port Elizabeth, YOU definitely must stay in this one of a kind Treehouse.

With those unique finishes and touches, you will almost forget that you’re staying in a treehouse.From the view to the warmth of the place, I honestly can’t choose a favorite thing about this.
You surely have to try it.

3.Vermont Tree Cabin on Walker Pond

Location:Coventry Vermont USA

Price per night:Variable

Are you looking for the PERFECT getaway?
Maybe you should take a look at this one.
Sunny afternoons will bring the sparkle of the lake into the treehouse.
Just imagine you are sitting in the hot tub, drink a glass of wine, and listen to your favorite artist.
It surely can be everything you ever wanted and needed.

4.Magical modern bamboo treehouse

Location:Ubud Bali Indonesia

Price per night:32$

Can you name something more beautiful than Bali?
You have your answer right here.
If you are nature friendly and love sleeping in open places, this is it.
With this place, your childhood fantasy will come to life.
The treehouse is made almost entirely out of bamboo with no windows or doors.
Enjoy being surrounded by nature and marvel at the abundant birdlife.
It will be the best experience of your life.

5.Noosa Hinterland Hideaway 1

Location:Kin Kin Queensland Australia

Price per night:88$

This is the PERFECT spot for a weekend break.
You can see that sunrise and the crazy view from your bed or on the balcony in the open air.
Have yourself this magical retreat, and enjoy your life.

6.Luxurious Secluded Romantic Treehouse with Hot Tub

Location:Old Forth North Carolina USA

Price per night:300$

If you are looking for a rustic outdoors feeling in a luxurious setting, this is the PERFECT place for you.

From the beautiful decorating to the calming soothing smell to the outdoor shower, you will have an experience like none other.
Every inch of the treehouse is amazing, from the outside to the beautiful interior!

This is wonderful place to share with your loved one.

7.Tree house in the mountains

Location:Monte Verde Minas Gerais Brazil

Price per night:78$

Wow, just look how much green.
If you want to unite with nature and enjoy the wonders of our planet, this is where you want to stay.
Imagine climbing these stairs to the perfect place: just you and your significant other enjoying this view and beautiful stay.
While listening to the music of the forest and breath this exotic air.
How can you say no to this?
Ayo Aye Brazil.

8.Dream in the Amazon

Location:Alter do Chão,Pará Brazil

Price per night:40$

EXOTIC! That’s the word that best describes this place.
You will manage to disconnect from the urban and transpose yourself as a part of the Amazon rainforest.

You are going to spend your nights right in the lungs of the earth.
So, let’s GOOO and breathe this fantastic clean air away from all the metropolitan areas.

9.River Room, Bellingen Treehouse

Location:Gleniffer New South Wales Australia

Price per night:110$

You are an adventurous soul looking for some new place to conquer?
Next to Never Never river in Australia, you can find this spectacular place.
Nestled in the rainforest, imagine how nice it would be to run and escape for a little while the urban.
Imagine this view looking through this enormous doorway opened to the outdoors.
You are enjoying the sound of nature, having a glass of champagne while you are with your spouse.
Tell me. What can be more satisfying?

10.Dreamy Eco Tree House

Location:Sukasada Bali Indonesia

Price per night:96$

Wow! Just Wow ! It is so hard to find the words to describe this wonderful place.

Absolutely a dream come true!

The views, the waterfalls, and the sunrise are stunning. If you want to have a little piece of heaven on the earth in your life, I highly recommend you to consider this.

11.Tree Dwelling with Water Views & Cedar Hot Tub

Location: Georgetown, USA

Price per night: 239$

The view of this place will certainly not disappoint you. It is nice to get away from the hustle and just relax in the trees. You will sleep like a baby. Imagine the sound of the rain hitting the roof while you stay with your loved one in the bed.

12.El Yunque View Treehouse

Location: Río Grande, Porto Rico

Price: 184$

This place is amazing, from the view of the balcony to the excellent and unique design of the treehouse. The place is just a few minutes away from the Yunque and the beach in Luquillo.

13.Fjord & mountains glamping Birdbox

Location: Forde, Vestland fylke, Norway

Price: 161$

If you are looking for a unique stay with amazing nature around and breathe taking view this is it. Enjoy the view of the epic mountain range of Blegja and the Førdefjord. This treehouse is a memorable experience, open the bottle of wine and watch stars from a big and comfortable bed.

14.Hacienda Chan Chan – TreeHouse

Location: Chiquintad, Azuay, Ecuador

Price: 52$

If you enjoy the outdoors you will be spoiled at this location. You are on the side of a mountain with a view of Cuenca.

A million-dollar view during the day with and a great bathroom with showers so hot and steamy you’ll sleep like a baby all night long. If you are looking to unplug and go off the grid for total peace, relaxation and a taste of what life should be like every day, this is the place to go.