When it comes to going on a trip, travel insurance might be the most boring subject. We know
and fully understand that you do not want to think about all the bad stuff that could happen, but it
could really happen. So, with that in mind, we always advise getting decent travel insurance.

The thinking you should apply here is “Better safe than sorry!”. You never know what might
happen to you while you are traveling. This is especially true if you are an adrenaline junkie.

There are lots of stories of people who got injured in all sorts of ways: a broken leg, stabbed,
eardrum rupture, and many more. Not only this, but you could lose or break valuable objects
such as your DSLR camera. You could also get robbed. Being robbed is an always present
probability, especially if people can tell that you are a tourist.

Trust us, paying a small fee that you will even forget about at the beginning of your trip, is better
than paying to replace your lost or stolen laptop or, even worse, your medical bill in case
something happens.

Travel insurance coverages

Medical Emergencies

First things first, health should always be a top priority. This is why we are starting with the
coverage of health issues. In case you have a wide range of medical emergencies, travel
insurance will have your back. You will feel like home in a certain way because you will benefit
from treatment as soon as possible.

While you are abroad, serious affections or illnesses can show up because of multiple reasons. If
you contact a reputable insurance company they will cover all these things for you:

  • The hospitalization fee
  • Surgery costs
  • Outpatient treatment costs
  • Visits to registered medical practitioners (related to your emergency injury only)
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Medical evacuation

Emergency Evacuation

Unfortunately, accidents or natural disasters do happen, even if very rarely. A medical
evacuation, in a case like this, costs upwards of $500,000.

Having a solid insurance plan comes in extremely handy. Most of the time, they will offer you evacuation to a local hospital in case of need or to a nearby location if a natural disaster occurred.

Sometimes you might even need to be expatriated back to your home country if the local medical staff cannot attend your problems. This is a very rare event but is indeed possible.

Dental Emergencies

These cases are similar to other medical problems, but they are taken into consideration as a
different department.

If you have an accidental injury or sudden pain, you will receive treatment
and medical intervention if needed.

General checkups are not covered, so you cannot enjoy a yearly revision just by having insurance. If you want your teeth to be cleaned, filled, or whitened, you will have you pay out of your own money.

Overseas Death

Now, we understand that this is a grime subject. However, acquiring insurance means thinking
ahead for your own sake and the peace of mind of your loved ones.

Should the very worst of the worst happen, most insurance plans will cover the costs of your body being transported back home. Sometimes cremation and burial overseas might even be included, if that is preferred.

Flight Delays or Cancellations

If you experience delays or cancellations, then you can simply apply for compensation to your
insurance provider in case the airline does not cover it as well. This is an efficient way of getting
some well-deserved money back, as long as you are not responsible for the delay or the missed
If you slept in on your flight, that is your fault, and you will not get any compensation whatsoever.

In order for this to be a smooth process, make sure to keep all the emails, receipts, and
correspondence from the airline you chose to travel with. Every single one of these things will be
verified in order to validate your claim and get reimbursed.

Trip Cancelation

In case you want or have to cancel your trip – either before you leave or even during – for
medical problems that can be verified, death of a relative, or death of a travel partner, you can
apply to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

Lost or Stolen Property

Now, this is a very common problem when it comes to traveling. It could be considered on the
light side of issues, but it will still be a deal-breaker in a lot of cases. Some things lost or stolen
are of very high value or are needed in order to continue the trip.

If your bags are stolen while you are abroad, most of the travel insurance companies will have your back. You will most probably get the money back for all of your items.

Keep in mind that there might be a limit when it comes to gear prices on laptops, cameras, and similar things. This is because items of this kind can get exceptionally expensive, so you have to buy a comprehensive plan with additional coverage to stay at ease.

Make sure to file a report with every single detail when making a claim. If your baggage gets delayed, you can also get compensation for that as well. If it gets damaged, you are also liable to make a claim.

Now, if it happens so that your wallet or passport is stolen, some insurance plans will have your
back when it comes to the price of getting a new credit card or passport.

Most of the time, this depends on your residency. If you had cash in your wallet, most plans do not cover it. So long story short, your cash would be lost forever.
Lots of insurance plans will give you safety when it comes to lost or stolen gear.

Not Covered by Insurance

Now that you have a better understanding of what travel insurance can offer, we will list some
of the popular things that people ask about or think that are covered BUT are not.

Accidents sustained while participating in extreme activities. For example, hang gliding,
paragliding, bungee jumping, and so on. This is the basic scenario, but some companies
might let you upgrade to a plan that does cover those activities as well.

Technical climbing and alpine hiking accidents are not covered unless specifically paid for.

Alcohol and/or drug-related incidents. This includes death, as well. If you are under the
influence, the insurance will not have your back.

Pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes. Say you have to buy more insulin and do not
have any more money for it, the insurance company will not cover it for you. So, if you
have life-threatening issues, make sure to plan ahead carefully.

General checkups that are not emergency related.

Stolen cash. Rarely, you could opt for a special package in case your cash is stolen.·

Good to know that if your destination becomes unsafe, but your government has not· called for an evacuation, the insurance company policy is to not evacuate you unless specified otherwise.

Changing your mind about the trip does not qualify for reimbursing.·

Carefully plan and check your visa, because if it is refused, you will not get any money·
back for the trip.

COVID-19 and Travel Insurances

As some people might have found out the hard way, insurance companies do not cover pandemics. They have always been left out and will continue to be as they are extremely hard
to predict and contain.

You will not get any reimbursement whatsoever in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak.

A good way trying to get some money back is if you had checked a “cancel for any reason.” the option before embarking on your journey. This way, you could be up for some money payback.

Well, guys, that was our article about what does travel insurance cover.
We hope that will help you on your next trip, and we are waiting for your experience in the comments below.